We at SmartLeaven have Extensive exprience in helping OEM’s to create smart lighting solutions


Embedded Systems


We have delivered multiple products successfully while working with leading OEMs across countries and continents. Team SmartLeaven provides deep extensive technology management and engineering solutions to attain your goals.

Platform Expertise:

Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XScale PXA27x, Freescale iMX, MXC, ColdFire, PowerPC, StarCore, TI OMAP, TI Sitara, Freescale DSP, CEVA-X DSP, TI DSP, Analog Device BlackFin, Infineon XC16x, Atmel AT91SAM9, ST Microelectronics ST10F27x, STM32

Development Platforms:

C, C++, assembly, Linux, Windows, Eclipse, MPlab, Code Composer, Keil, Code Warrior

Application Expertise:

  • Communication, M2M, Internet of Things
  • Consumer electronics, Smart phones, Networking systems, IPV4/IPV6
  • Automation, Control systems, Automotive embedded systems
  • Media & Infotainment, Home media systems, Portable players, Embedded medical devices and sensors

Internet Of Things (IOT)


Connected Machines

SmartLeaven Technologies are pioneers in creating next generation M2M solutions for various industry verticals. Our innovative M2M platforms allow us to create the innovating connected and converged hardware applications with very minimal lead-time and with aggressive go to the market strategy. The hardware apps are designed in a way to help our clients to collect data created by people as well as machine (machine-to-machine systems) enabling the systems, companies, products with real-time predictive analysis. We offer variety of hardware combinations suitable for your machine integration needs (variety of sensor(s), relay(s) supported) which enables one to quickly turn up high volumes of data into real-time knowledge vertical industry solutions. Please consult us and get to know & explore the possibilities of how we can enable your business with the next generation technology edge.
Few Applications currently designed by us are -

  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Remote datalogger
  • Connected Security systems
  • GSM Camera
  • Intelligent Home Automation System
  • Connected-Machine

Digital Signal Processing


Team Smatleaven has extensive expertise in video, audio signal processing algorithms, applications and processors. We provide Development, Porting & Integration services for different video codec, audio codec, image codec, speech codec and multimedia container formats. We support codec available from multiple vendors and offer porting services onto the latest DSPs for higher quality, performance and resolutions. We can develop or port and integrate the codec you need into your embedded system.

  • Multimedia , communication, Imaging & Signal analytics applications
  • Image and video processing algorithm, medical imaging, machine vision, video analytics, open CV, open GL, open NI
  • Multi channel trans code engine, portable media players, speech/audio/image/video Codec
  • WebRTSP based system design, processor specific optimization of software, porting and preparing board support packages for RTOS on DSP, developing board level systems and firmware solutions on DSP

Machine Learning


We have team with experience in supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks) and unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning) algorithms development.

We help customer to build new learning algorithms to be used in building smart robots (perception, control), text understanding (web search, anti-spam), computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining, and other areas.

Enterprise Mobility


We are SmartLeaven provides design, implementation and production support solutions for enterprise applications. We offer world class web & enterprise application development services in Java & PHP. We leverage our experience in Java/JEE domain to provide cost effective solutions for your enterprise. From simple Content Management Systems to complex Enterprise applications, we apply industries best practices and processes to deliver great software. We also provide ongoing maintenance, support & integration services.

We also provide server development at various enterprise application layers such as - Presentation Layer | Service Layer | Business Layer | Data Access Layer | Data Layer

Artificial Intelligece


AI implementation can dramatically reduce operational costs by creating intelligent data models, which are then deployed across the application architecture. Using the appropriate data models, the application and the A.I. algorithms are then made aware of the nature of the data and can automate processes, reducing the effort and cost necessary to create and manage Intelligent Applications.

We help to develope Classification Algorithms, Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning and Graph Models suitable for your applications.

We help customer to create intelligent solutions such as Chatbots, Image Classifiers, interactive games etc.