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Developement Center :

SmartLeaven Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2nd floor, Elite premio
Off baner balewadi road
Balewadi, Pune - 45, INDIA

SmartLeaven Technologies

Smart Cities

Pervasive internet connectivity, data analytics and networked devices can support healthier economic, social and environmental urban growth. Cities are epicentres of technology adoption. Over half of all mobile traffic is already in cities and is expected to grow to 60% within two years. Cities can leverage this momentum to strengthen communication among citizens and cities, predict patterns to inform urban planning incentivize and orchestrate new behaviours and even automate physical infrastructure such as vehicles and transportation systems. Network technologies will transform how cities operate.

We are delighted to provide our assistance in designing, architecting the future smart Cities.

We have built expertise and several IPs. Following are some of the list of the various sub systems which we have

  • Citizen convinience portal
  • People access Control
  • Vehicle access control
  • Visitor access control
  • CCTV, video management
  • Video analytics
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Remote asset monitoring e.g. generators , compressors etc.
  • Sewage / Water treatment plant monitoring
  • Real time alert engines.

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