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SmartLeaven Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2nd floor, Elite premio
Off baner balewadi road
Balewadi, Pune - 45, INDIA

SmartLeaven Technologies

Reference Design(s)

SmartLeaven Technologies is continuously working with technology, semiconductor and sensor companies around the world. We focus on building the next generation reference design platforms for their channels and design houses to use. Many of the reference designs are jointly developed with the technology leaders across the globe. It enables product companies to jump start new product development or new platform migration with ease. Many times, our expert market research & product strategy team identifies the gaps in technology supply part in some verticals and hit upon a new product idea.

Then our product innovation team jumps in and builds the prototype, so that the client can be convinced about the idea. Believing in our capability, PoC is also generated with the provision patent filing. We then license the patent along with the PoC and transfer it for further development. If these elaborations interest you for availability of various reference designs, please contact us for helping you further with your requirement.

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