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Developement Center :

SmartLeaven Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2nd floor, Elite premio
Off baner balewadi road
Balewadi, Pune - 45, INDIA

SmartLeaven Technologies

Digital Signal Processing

Team Smatleaven has extensive expertise in video, audio signal processing algorithms, applications and processors. We provide Development, Porting & Integration services for different video codec, audio codec, image codec, speech codec and multimedia container formats. We support codec available from multiple vendors and offer porting services onto the latest DSPs for higher quality, performance and resolutions. We can develop or port and integrate the codec you need into your embedded system.

  • Multimedia , communication, Imaging & Signal analytics applications
  • Image and video processing algorithm, medical imaging, machine vision, video analytics, open CV, open GL, open NI
  • Multi channel trans code engine, portable media players, speech/audio/image/video Codec
  • WebRTSP based system design, processor specific optimization of software, porting and preparing board support packages for RTOS on DSP, developing board level systems and firmware solutions on DSP


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